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Phantoms of Rockwood


       Ghosts, who were young basketball players that died too early, are given an opportunity to return to life.  They inhabit the bodies of living basketball players to inspire, motivate the starters to the coveted State Championship. As they themselves continue to learn life’s obstacles that can only be overcome in growing up.

"Phantoms of Rockwood" is a brilliant book that young adults and adult readers will adore."

Readers Favorite Five-Star Review!




Reader Francis Greiff's Phantoms of Rockwood Review




     "The Phantoms of Rockwood is excellent and an original idea. The cover photo is good. Your characterizations were excellent. I like the fact that Coach Jones LOVED his players. He was smart, sweet, and a super good coach coming off a 30 game-losing streak. He and team members were well drawn. The actual inhabiting of living bodies in the first 33 pages is superbly written. Thank you for this good, good book!"

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